World’s Most Epic and Fearsome Firework Displays

Public firework displays have been a part of many civilization’s history for centuries now. Chinese history of fireworks ages back 2,000 years from now, several centuries before many of the civilizations who somehow included fireworks in their culture. If new year’s fire shows do not satisfy your inner beast, these firework displays definitely will.

Diwali in India

There is no way that anyone talks about fireworks and doesn’t mention Hindu culture’s most important day: Diwali. Hindu new year is celebrated by millions of Hindus playing around with fire crackers with families, loved ones, and friends. The event is so intense that Indian government had to take action again firecracker sales to avoid formation of a cloud of Sulphur above several cities in India.


Another one of most notorious nations with an intense history with fireworks is China, and why not? China invented the black powder, the main ingredient in a fire cracker. While the world was quite happy with the cheering effect of fireworks, Chinese didn’t stop there. China worked around the primitive product, tuned it, molded it, rigged it to make beautiful patterns after the rocket explodes, and what not.

Yanshui, Taiwan

Yanshui city in Taiwan has an intriguing back story to why the city celebrates Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival, where the participants arrive with a motorcycle helmet and/or kitchen clothes to protect their faces when things get intense down there. Folk lore around town about the festival is that the festival was first held after a miraculous deliverance of port town from the plague.