Staying Fit While Traveling

Let’s face it, traveling takes its toll on our bodies. Between the jet lag, indulging, and laziness of vacations, it’s no wonder that 61% of people put on weight while traveling. Fortunately, there are ways for travelers to stay fit.

For one, take time before you leave for your trip to get to know your surrounding destination. What health conscious restaurants are in the area that you can visit? Is there a gym at your hotel? By taking some time to assess your area, you can feel less anxious on your trip and will be more prepared to maintain your fitness goals.

Additionally, staying fit while traveling requires dedication. Taking days off from exercising while on vacation is easy, but the ramifications of those lost fitness opportunities will stay with you long after you return from traveling. Create an exercise plan to take with you on your travels and work hard to stay on track. It’s much harder to regain your fitness than it is to sustain it.

Finally, do little things while you are traveling to help maintain your fitness. This could be something as simple as walking instead of taking a cab, or choosing to hike a trail or ride a bike instead of lounging around the pool. These small decisions can not only improve your health, but can also lead to a more enjoyable vacation.

Want to test your traveling fitness knowledge? Check out the quiz below from Health IQ that challenges you to stay fit while traveling.